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Lessons from 40 Years of "The Limits to Growth"

"If I could persuade you of one thing, it should be this: the world is small and fragile, and humanity is huge, dangerous and powerful. This is a total reversal of the biblical perspective on humanity, and the way in which man has thought during most of his presence on Earth. But this is the perspective we need to take if we’re to be sure that sustainability emerges or, at least, that the world as we know it survives for a couple of hundred more years." Jorgen Randers


>> What was the real message of "Limits to Growth" >>

What should be done? - Ideally

  1. Further slow population growth Introduce 1-child policy – first in rich world

  2. Cut CO2 emissions – first in the rich world Ban the use of coal, oil and gas from 2024

  3. Reduce poverty in the poor world Give them a climate - friendly energy system

  4. Reduce the ecological footprint of the rich world Legislate compulsory vacation

  5. Temper national short termism Establish supra - national institutions

  6. Reduce the focus on income growth Establish “increase in well - being” as a new goal

Professor Jørgen Randers BI Norwegian Business School

Oslo, Norway

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