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Main conclusions from the 2052 forecast

  1. World population and economy will grow more slowly towards 2052 than most people expect-but still fast enough to trigger a climate crisis

  2. Consumption will stagnate because world society will have to spend ever more on repair and adaptation

  3. The short-term nature of man - reflected in the short term focus of democracy and capitalism - is the root cause of this development

What can you do on your own?

>> Fight short-termism in the following ways:

  1. Accept that the root problem is human short-termism “My greed today damages my grandchildren!”

  2. Tell the world that you will do your fair share once the majority agrees to act “I am ready if you are!”

  3. Admit that the simplest solution is strong government “I am in favour of tax - financed, collective action!”

Or at the very least: Buy CO2 emission rights in the European quota trading system and burn them!

Professor Jørgen Randers BI Norwegian Business School

Oslo, Norway

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